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Term Dates


All venues will have the following Prices. 

  • Group Lessons range from £14 -£17 per child per week, dependent on venue 

  • 1:1 £35 per lesson

  • 2:1  £40 per lesson (£20 per child)


*Lesson costs are subject to yearly increases due to pool costs rising. 

Term Dates

April to May 2023​- 6 week term (Mondays 5 weeks)

  • Monday 17th April- 22nd May (no lesson 1st May)

  • Tuesday 18th April- 23rd May

  • Wednesday 19th April-24th May

  • Thursday 20th April-25th May

  • Friday 21st April-26th May

  • Saturday 22nd April-27th May

  • Sunday 23rd April-28th May

June to July 2023​- 7 weeks

  • Monday 5th June- 17th July

  • Tuesday 6th June- 18th July

  • Wednesday 7th June-19th July

  • Thursday 8th June-20th July

  • Friday 9th June-21st July

  • Saturday 10th June-22nd July

  • Sunday 11th June-23rd July

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