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ABC and Me

Hi there and welcome to ABC Swim UK

I want to use this opportunity to introduce myself and give you a little background on how ABC Swim UK came about. My name is Beck and I run ABC Swim UK. I have over 15 years of swimming teaching experience and over 20 years of experience working with children and families in various roles.



My aim is to run a family friendly, local swim school for adults, babies and children where personal relationships, high quality lessons, and strong customer service go hand in hand. 

As a child and still as an adult, I love the water and anything to do with it. Unlike a lot of people who get into teaching swimming, I never swam competitively. That's whats brilliant about swimming, there are so many different avenues; competitive swimming, synchronised swimming, diving, water-polo, personal survival, and lifesaving. It can be life long relationship  My route was lifesaving and personal survival completing my Bronze medallion at 14 and then going onto being a lifeguard at 16, and then swimming teacher at 24. 

For me swimming is many things. Mostly, its one of the most important life skills a person can get. I think its as important as learning your ABC's. Sadly a third of all children are leaving primary school without being able to swim or have basic water safety skills. I want to help be a solution to that problem with lessons focused on having fun whilst learning to swim well and also learning those important water safety skills. 

My lessons aren't just for children either. I run lessons for Adults , Babies and Children. Hence, ABC :) It is never too late to learn. 


I believe swimming is a great form of exercise and a great release and place to have fun. There is no better feeling than being in your own little water world. 

I look forward to meeting you and helping you or your child with their journey in swimming. 


   ABC Swim UK LTD

  Owner and Teacher


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