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For some answers to the most common questions relating to Baby Swimming lessons please click here



Yes the underwater swimming is part of our lessons, but its so much more than that. Most of the fun is happening above the water through singing songs and playing games, giving you and your child some lovely bonding and memory making moments.
















Physical Benefits


Swimming allows babies to move independently long before they can crawl or walk. Regular swimming can help maintain and improve babies; cardiovascular system, lung capacity and function, joint mobility, and muscles and stamina. Swimming can help with their co-ordination and associated motor skills are also improved.


The lessons aren't just good for the babies. Its good for you too. They offer gentle exercise that is suitable for new mothers. They are particularly beneficial for those who have had a C-section and had to abstain from other exercise in the first 6 weeks. They can also help strengthen core stability which helps your posture and the dreaded pelvic floor exercise. 


Sociological Benefits-


Babies interacting with each other is possibly one of the sweetest things on earth, and splashing about in the pool makes it even better. they learn to share, take turns, trust and respect. they learn to celebrate achievements and accept disappointments. Also you will meet other Mum's and Dads with children of similar ages who may become friends for life.


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