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Taking your baby swimming is an exciting milestone, but it also a time where parents can feel apprehensive. I want to ensure I give you as much confidence as possible before entering the pool.


Here are some of the common questions:

How old does my baby have to be to start lessons?

Your baby can start lessons from birth, if they are premature check with your doctor. If they are well enough its should be totally fine for them to start after their due date. If they are under 12 weeks or 12lbs, the only 'rule' is that they need to be in water of 32degrees. 

Does my child have to have had their vaccinations?

Based on guidelines, your baby does not have to have had their vaccinations. If you are concerned please click here to view NHS guidelines. If they are premature, please check with your health provider first. 

What should I bring to the lessons?

Apart from yourselves, I ask that your baby wears the double nappy system of a swimming nappy and a neoprene Happy Nappy this is to avoid any potential spillages that could close the pool. . Splashabout are a good company to buy from, please click here to find products.

  • A roll up changing mat

  • Wetsuit to keep your baby warm- again these can be found at Splashabout

  • Towel

  • Hat for afterwards, more for the younger ones in the colder months.

Will my baby be submerged? 

Submersion are part of lessons, however they are led by the baby's readiness. It is always their choice to swim underwater or not. I will never put pressure on any adult or child to submerge if they dont feel comfortable. However, through gentle guidance, I will try and help you relax and try and take down any fears or barriers you may have. I want to be able to  help you and your baby discover the fabulous world underwater with each other. Please dont worry, it is completely  safe for the baby to be submerged as they have the 'gag' reflex which causes them to hold their breath automatically and soon enough babies with the right teaching learn how to hold their breath underwater voluntarily. 

When should I feed my child?

If feeding with solids,  allow at least 1 hour for food to digest before swimming. If babies are under 6 months please feed as necessary, hungry babies dont enjoy their swim!


What do i do if my child is poorly?

You should not take your baby swimming if they have any illness which causes either a temperature or sickness/diarrhoea.

In the case of diarrhoea your child must be clear of symptoms for 48 hours before swimming. If you are concerned about any medical condition, we ask that you always check with your GP before coming to any lessons.

Do I need to be a confident swimmer​?

No you  dont, I will guide you and help you in the lessons The water is shallow so you are able to stand up the entire time. Im sure as the lessons progress, your confidence will grow just like your childs. 

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